220 Illnesses

Guide to Natural Remedies for Health and Well-Being provides descriptions of 220 of the most common illnesses including;

Aging and longevity Cramps Lupus
Allergy Cysts Menopause
Anorexia nervosa Detoxification of liver & kidneys Menstruation
Angina pectoris Depression Multiple-sclerosis
Appendicitis Diabetes Muscular dystrophy
Appetite, loss Diverticulum Muscular pains
Arteriosclerosis Dry skin Nephritis
Arthritis Ear infections Obesity
Asthma Epilepsy Osteoporosis
Blood circulation Eyes Pancreatitis
Blood infection (septicaemia) Fever Rheumatic Parkinson
Broken bones Frigidity Phlebitis
Bulimia Gallbladder stones Pneumonia
Burns Gastritis, Stomach Ulcer Pregnancy
Cancer Gout Prostatitis
Cataracts Headaches Psoriasis
Cellulitis Heart attack Pulmonary emphysema
Cerebral embolism Heart burn, acidosis Rheumatic fever
Cholera Haemorrhoids Sciatica
Cholesterol Hepatitis Sinusitis
Chronic fatigue Herpes Spinal column
Cirrhosis Hyperthyroidis Sports, body building
Cold, Flu Hypoglycaemia Stress
Colitis Impotence Torticollis
Constipation Insomnia Tuberculosis
Wrinkles Kidney stones Varix